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Parent and child walk across beach

Listed below are just a handful of examples of the people we have assisted in the past.

Miss J is 15 and has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy; she is profoundly disabled with learning difficulties and is in a wheelchair. She had an arm amputated at birth as it had a blood clot. She needs 1:1 support at all times and needs feeding through a tube overnight. The Gateway Club have offered Miss J the chance to go on a holiday but need additional help to cover the cost of the carer who is going with her. The family carers will have a break whilst she is away.

Mrs D is 75 and has depression – breast cancer (2 years ago) – now in remission – with a good prognosis. The depression has been caused, in all probability by the long term caring for her disabled son [who has Charcot Marie Toothe disease (a kind of wasting which affects the lower part of the body and legs) and is registered blind and the realisation that much of her life has passed by without her doing the many things that most parents do in later life. She was funded to go on holiday with a group to give her support and companionship.

Master I was born prematurely and had very severe complications since birth. We were approached last year to offer some help to the family, but because of the nature of the health problems there was no certainty as to when Master I might be fit enough to go away. He was diagnosed with Shwachman Diamond Syndrome, which affects many of the body’s organs. In this case the pancreas and bone marrow were particularly affected. The result is a decrease in the white cell count, thereby increasing the risk of infection and a susceptibility to leukemia. However since last year there has been a dramatic improvement and he is now at a very much reduced risk. The family had considerable expense throughout the hospital treatment phase and the father was a trainee teacher at this time so they are struggling to get on their feet financially.

Mrs G, aged 49, has Multiple Sclerosis which is currently in remission, but she does get tired and cannot walk far. She has a daughter aged 19 who lives mainly with her grandmother as she has Asperger Syndrome and mother finds it too much to cope with as it affects her MS. The grandmother has Lymphatic Cancer which is intermittently responding to treatment but continues to be progressive. The Trust has been approached, by their social worker to help them have a holiday in a quite coastal resort.

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